I have started to collect all my guidelines and “how to” instruction sheets into what I call the Learning Portal in this website. Up until now I often put all the guides when I work with a client into Microsoft OneNote and share it online with them. This way I can add to it and it automatically updates in their copy. Unfortunately Microsoft has stopped development on the desktop version of OneNote.

So it makes sense to create a folder system on the website and I am currently in the process of refining and uploading “step by step” guidelines and “how to” sheets on a very wide range of the areas I cover with my clients. This is a free service password protected and available to anyone who has been a past or present client and for future clients as I start to help them develop the assistive digital technology that increases their independence and control over technology.

I also encourage clients to contact me with questions about how to do certain things and these finish up in a guide not only for them but for others to be able to access. These range from Dragon Naturally Speaking, the new iOS 13 for iPad and iPhone, Android, Troubleshooting, Tips, Shortcut keys for many software products and Systems and Processes for those with memory and ABI issues. The categories and guides will grow over the coming months.

If you are a past or present client contact me for the username and password.