For the last few weeks I have been testing iOS13 on both iPhone and iPad. This upgrade should be available to most users in September. Over the years I have had many clients who have struggled with or not been able to use a iPhone or iPad. With some I used special styluses to allow some control, switch-scanning (which can be slow and tedious), and some use of Siri voice control. However Voice Control in iOS13 offers the opportunity for full control of all aspects of the devices by voice.

In my Learning Portal I have posted what I have collected so far as the examples of commands that can be used. This currently amounts to 14 pages covering Accessibility, Advanced and Basic Gestures, Basic Navigation, Device Commands, Dictation and Full Working with Text and Overlays.

One feature which, to some degree has been on Android Devices for a while, is showing numbers on every icon and link and being able to fully navigate and operate the device just by saying the number instead of tapping. My tests show that in iOS13 it is far more rock solid and reliable than the Android versions I have encountered and a person could literally just use this approach to do whatever they need on an iPad or iPhone.

The numbers fade gently in and out and I have found they are not that obtrusive and don’t interfere with your operation and use. Plus at any point you simply say HIDE NUMBERS to turn them off and SHOW NUMBERS to turn them back on.

iPads are such an intuitive and easy to use device for so many everyday activities and functions that this allows a whole group of people with disabilities that limited or stopped them being able to use such a device now to be able to engage with it. When in bed is an extremely limiting location for many of my clients and some end up with very lengthy bed-rest periods due to pressure sores and other issues. This will enable them to have an iPad mounted in view, even mirrored to their large screen TV if they wish and able to do everything by simply saying numbers. They can look at mastering the Voice Commands to even further enhance their control.

Add a Logitech Harmony Hub for instance and you have control of the TV and potential for other devices that will work with the hub. This could be linked to an Amazon Echo Dot or a Google Home, but just saying OPEN HARMONY and using Show Numbers on the iPhone or iPad will get the control they want.

I look forward to helping clients get this level of full control so contact me if you need assistance to make this happen.