Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 15.3 is excellent for dictation as many clients of mine know. They also find it great for allowing voice control of many features of their computer. But one of the many features that could increase control by voice enormously is often overlooked or people are just not aware of it.

Many software packages have shortcut keys. Word, Excel, Outlook, in fact most software has these keyboard shortcuts, but half the battle is finding what they are. Once you have the shortcut keys you can create your own voice commands for the ones relevant to you and make them only operate when in that software. It is actually a fairly straight forward task with thinking of the title for the command the most difficult part at times.

The first hurdle is where do you find all the myriad of shortcut keys in any specific software? Well to make things easier I have collected quite a range and am adding to this all the time. I am making these available in my Learning Portal and access is free to past and present clients. They just need to contact me for the username and password for the Portal. Once you have the shortcut keys you can start creating the voice commands in Dragon and the guide to how to do this is also in the Learning Portal. Or you can contact me to commence this and provide the necessary training remotely. It won’t take long and then you can build your own.

The list of software packages will continue to grow as I add more or get requests from people. So imagine not just the basic commands but any shortcut key that you have need of can be a voice command in an instant.