I just wanted to share some experience I have had with hearing aids and encourage people to look around and try to find someone you feel comfortable with and that provides both the price and the type of customer service you need. This is an area where prices can vary greatly.

When I noticed I was having some difficulty picking up what some people around me were saying, I looked up local hearing aid businesses where I could get a hearing check and see what was happening. I attended one of the fairly mainstream companies which have offices scattered around the suburbs. The hearing test indicated I would need hearing aids. What I was offered was very high price and I took my usual approach of looking around, searching the internet and making some phone calls before I decided I would visit Blamey Saunders Hears offices in East Melbourne.

They ticked all the boxes for me and their aids were less than half the price of what I had been offered. So by looking around and feeling very comfortable with their service and the fact they answered my myriad of questions (I do like to understand all the ins and outs of what technology I am spending money on) I got my first set. In the three years since I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with how functional they are, discrete and performing to a very high standard.

I was so glad to decide to make the move and get my hearing checked as once I had the aids I realised just how much I had been missing and how long this had gone on for. I now take part in some research at times for them and this has increased my knowledge and understanding of hearing and how aids work. It also means I can keep up to date with developments and what may be coming next.

But, my point is to simply let people know to look around, make sure you get comfortable with the support and advice provided and that you feel you are getting quality aids at a reasonable price and ongoing support is fully available. Too often these days we can end up paying far more than we need to for quality technology if only we were prepared to shop around and do our homework. I hope that by mentioning my experience it may open up some avenues for others who have been wondering is their hearing failing. Get it checked, and as it is likely to be a long term relationship, find a provider you feel comfortable with for service and price.